Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So this is what I've been up to lately--cuhrayzee. By that I mean bajillion months of not being able to publish my thoughts on the interwebs. First, I forgot my password; second, I have crossed over to an entirely different universe which I call The Beauty Industry. From editorial/publishing, I am now inching my way through this newfound planet. Tough? Yes, simply because I am an alien in this world and add to that the fact that I am such a low-maintenance, Angelo-Suarez-poetry-geek who doesn't care too much if I look presentable or not. Fun? Hell yes, because I get the best of---not one, not two, but THREE worlds! 

From being a writer-editor to a makeup artist, I am now strutting in the shoes of a training specialist for the world's number 1 makeup brand though I have yet to prove to the company and to myself that I AM WORTH IT, but what the heck I am still working for ze world's number 1 makeup brand. (Paulit-ulit?!)

Aside from, of course, training, the position I am in right now also allows me to practice my writing skills through module development; hone my public speaking shizz; aaaand!!! (drum roll please) DO MAKEUP!!! Not just makeup for some random person but for Project Runway Philippines 3 and Philippine Fashion Week 2012! Mucho thanks to the product manager and the brand makeup artists who believed in me and in what my hands could do (at least :p)

Okay, so there. Quick run through of what has happened in my very bipolar life.

Ahhh, it feels so darn good to be writing again. Good lord! It's as if I am reunited with my first love. Anyway, before things turn yucky, allow me to present to you some photos that would, in one way or another, sum up my long vacay from writing. Enjoy! :)

 (Did makeup for Sir Jeffrey Rogador)

 (Doing makeup for a modeling agency)

 (Cherry on top: Team collab landed on Vogue Italia website!)

(Whaddaya expect?!)

(Grateful :D)