Thursday, February 11, 2010


It has been 3 years since I stopped blogging. One, because I got too busy with football and two, because thesis ate most of my time then. But now I'm back. Back to blogspot, back to blogging, and back to typing my thoughts for all the cyber world to see...and probably use against me :D Oh well.

Anyway, here I am with a numb butt and a steaming
forehead trying to amuse and inspire myself with just about anything. I need to finish an article on Le Bistro Vert and its sustainable food by tomorrow or I'm dead.

I can write about it in a jiffy, but you see, with uhog oozing from my left nostril, throbbing temples, whooping cough, and grumbling stomach do not inspire me to even start typing a decent paragraph.

Perhaps, a lot like other writers, I look for inspiration before I do my thing. I cook, play football, doze off, or paint my face with whatever makeup I have in my bag. Earlier today, I did lotsa calls, texts and follow-ups for ZEN Health Magazine then I slept a
nd tried putting on makeup even If I was still shaky and feverish.

My very first attempt at eye makeup. T'was okay. Sadly, the muses are still elusive. C'mon Pogi!!!!! Make your brain work!

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