Saturday, May 22, 2010


(as published in ZEN Health August-October 2009 issue)

The nails have become the canvas of the inner being, and painting it with lotsa colors can uplift or downsize one’s mood and feeling. Suddenly sad? Paint ‘em yellow! Want a splash of confidence? Paint ‘em purple!


A sunny and jolly color, yellow symbolizes optimism and energy. Wear one when you feel down-in-the-dumps and be prepared to be enlightened in a jiffy.


This color encourages trust, dependability, and most especially the feeling of royalty. Paint some popping purple and exude confidence as you feel the trust and commitment from your colleagues and friends.


Blue is often the favorite among all the colors that you can imagine. It invokes the calm and the soothing waves of tranquility. Stressed? Splash some royal blue or periwinkle on your digits and feel great calm.


Verdant hues are close friends with azures as it soothes and calms even the most tensed of nerves. Wear this shade when you want to feel cleaner and closer to Mother Nature.


So you lost your appetite today? Or perhaps you’re feeling kinda fierce lately but you don’t exactly know how to release that fierceness? Paint ‘em red! This color can stimulate your energy to exude that fiery ‘tude you got today and also give your appetite a boost.


Red’s best friend, orange radiates affection and exudes a cozy and comfy vibe. Orange also encourages social interactions and attracts friendly vibes.


Like green, brown is often associated with the earth and all things natural. If your life is on the chaotic side right now, dab on some earthy browns and feel that sense of stability and order.


The eternal symbol of purity, this crisp color is also deeply associated with the decluttering of the mind and the cleansing of the spirit.


Gray plays on the safe side and connotes practicality and firmness. Wear one when you don’t want your nails to stand out but be careful though as this is also closely associated with depression and uncertainty.


The color black is often associated with grief and bad luck, but truth be told, despite its negative connotations, black makes the wearer feel in-control, confident, and powerful. Some people deem black as sexy.

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