Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend R&R

Mid February this year, I suffered from measles. Icky, itchy, and iwweee (for the lack of a better term) measles. Red spots crowded my entire body, even my face, that I looked like a walking red-dotted monster.
(My splotchy face..ewww.)

For weeks, I wasn't able to eat and sleep right because eac
h time I tried to, it was either my skin sent itch signals to my brain that compelled me to scratch every square inch or my throat ached like there was a steel brush, used to scrape rust off, brushing against my dear throat.So that's how I lived each day for weeks until I got a-okay.
(This was how I looked like days after I got measles :D )

One of the things I learned from this dreaded and itchy infection was th
at I took my body, myself, for granted. Before this happened I rarely took some good 'ol Vitamin Cs, I didn't eat on time, stayed under the sun too long, didn't care that my heels started to crack, and gahd I even slept later than 3am! So there, no further explanation needed. I neglected myself.
I guess this was my body's way of letting me know how weak I was in and out. Thus the vow of pampering myself whenever I get the chance...and the budget of course.
Earlier today, I had the luxury of spoiling my most exploited bo
dy part-- my feet. I walk and run a lot and being a football (soccer) player I also use my feet all too often to run, kick, pass, dribble, and score a goal so imagine the pressure and stress my tootsies get at the end of a tournament!
The price? cracked heels, broken toenail, and bruises on the feet. After months of passing off on nail spas and foot spas, I paid a visit to one this morning to give my feet a break.

Organic Rituals was the first stop in my PAMPER-ME-DAY itinerary. Located at Atlanta Center, Annapolis, Greenhills, this unassuming zen haven was one amazing treat. I was awed by, first, its interiors that looked like a dollhouse and, second, by its list of affordable services since I am very much a fan of the latter
(Organic Rituals' cozy and yummy sofas)

So there, I let my feet indulge in their Rescued Feet package which consists of foot and leg scrub, feet massage, pedicure (with ZOYA nail polish :D), and a
free 10-minute massage all for PhP580!!!

(How my feet looked like prior to the foot spa. Crappy eh? :P)

(BELOW: I chose wild berry scrub and lotion just because I found 'em yummy :p)

Headed to TriNoma to walk around and window shop but found myself inside The Body Shop and paying for some random Mango shower gel and lotion with an orange loofah and filling up their membership form that rewarded me with a Ximenia & Salt Scrub from Africa(?) ...just because I felt like buying it despite the fact that I have to save some money for a football game tomorrow and of course, for my week's-worth of baon to work.

Oh well, at least I am happy :) Football game tomorrow! :)

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