Saturday, July 3, 2010


While killing time in Cubao, Ian and I decided to drop by the newly renovated Ali Mall and found ourselves inside Daizen Japan Store where everything's for 85 pesos. Japan 88, Daiso and those undiscovered Japan surplus stores make me oh so happy because of all the various sunshiney knick knacks that they offer. Aside from the usual pots and pans and all those mother-y stuffs, what makes Daizen my favorite stress buster is their hilarious and out of this world merchandise that puts a huge Cheshire cat-like smile on my face even before I step out of the store.
Below are some of the funny thingies that we've wasted our money on:
(Black cotton buds make you see your tutuli more clearly)

(Banana case...fill in the blanks)

(I'm really sorry about this but my boyfriend, Ian, found this really funny :D)

With these finds, we'll be going back for more :)

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