Sunday, July 11, 2010


Few years ago, I loathed makeup. I did not like the sticky feeling lipsticks bring and the way foundations and powders (layers and layers of it) suffocated my dear pores. I even swore I won't wear any makeup until the day I die (yes, not even the ones used for cadavers)
Fast forward to today. I am swallowing my half-masticated promise as, in fact, I have experienced my first-ever fashion show makeup gig.
That night was a whirlwind of faces, tips, and experiences. I have learned how to coordinate with the staff and the models to get the look that they wanted; to be patient when I didn't get to perfect the look that I chose; to control my hunger pangs because I still had lotsa faces to finish; to smile despite the aching back and the strained legs; and finally, this makeup debut taught me how to be thankful.
Thankful because despite my lack of knowledge in the latest trends and techniques in makeup and my lack of proper and formal schooling (no budget eh), Papa God and the universe still gave me the chance to showcase my abilities and tell myself in the process that "Yes, Chuchie, I believe in you. Go kick some ass!"

Below are some of the faces that I have made...including my friend's...JORELLE BALITBIT :) (photo credits: Jorx Balitbit)