Monday, January 24, 2011


Let's just say, I'm a struggling makeup artist. An orphan, simply put. I've always loved colors and how the hands can transform a blah-looking thing or a blank page into a marvelous creation, of course with splashes of colors and splotches of neon brights.

For years, I have not paid attention to the art and craft of makeup artistry until my friend, Ching Dorado, who once hosted a cable tv show asked me to d
o her makeup. Then my love for this kind of art sparked, evolved into a huge flame and never stopped burning ever since.

Thank heavens and the good Lord because months after, I got the
chance to dip my shaky toes into the world of professional makeup artistry through the kindness and support (...and adoption) of Jim Ryan Ross, Senior Color Artist of Maybelline, and Lourd Ramos, Ambassador and Chief Makeup Artist of Smashbox Philippines.

I guess they saw my potential and invited (more on adopted :p) me to join their team. My first ever "PRO" gig was during Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010 at the Resorts World Manila.

WHOA. and WHOA. and WHOA some more. MNP!? You gotta be kidding me :p

But then again, my masters, Lourd and Jim, together with my supportive team mates (Verna, Ria, Yrynn, Donald, Apriel, Claire, Camille, Tin, and others who I might have forgotten to add :p), simply told me to do my thing and make my imagination run wild. Also, as a makeup artist, it's important, they said, to OWN IT. Yeah. OWN IT. Meaning you have to w
alk the walk and talk the talk and should there be any instance when I don't know what to do, their only advice is: "DON'T SHOW YOUR FEAR AND BELIEVE THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING EVEN IF YOU DON'T."

Makes sense right? It's a matter of attitude and belief in your cr
aft, in your team mates, and most especially in yourself.

Ooookay. Back to regular programming :)

Few weeks ago, I felt bored. As in bored to bits. So what's a bored makeup artist got to do? Grab that trunk and scour through it for the brightest and wildest colors for quickie inspiration. But since I just finished watching (for nth time) Edward Scissorhands, I decided to whip up a girly version of Eddie.

Here goes...

Bwahahaha. Kaloka lang. :p

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