Monday, November 1, 2010


Among my biggest dreams is to become a chef. Yeahuh, CHEF. Probably because of my daily exposure to Cooking Master Boy, Chef Academy, Iron Chef, and local cooking shows such as QTV11's Delicioso-- I have longed to be the one whipping up sumptuous dinners and mouth-watering desserts...and! literally sweating it out in the kitchen.

I wanted to be a chef so bad that I searched online for possible scholarships. In fact, I was among the short-listed applicants for the Academy for International Culinary Arts scholarship program late last year. But I guess, I wasn't meant to chop, baste, and fry as I didn't get the much-coveted scholarship.
So imagine my excitement when I got the chance to sit in front 10 chefs, with chef bruce Lim at the helm, running to and fro the Chef's Table kitchen--wearing their game faces; making sure that dishes were perfectly done-- for Bounty Fresh Chicken's media event.

I so wanted to be in their place that time :p

Bounty Fresh Chicken held the event at the classy and popular Chef’s Table Restaurant in The Fort. Friends from the media and top bloggers had a fun, prize-laden and educational experience. Aside from bringing home great freebies from Bounty Fresh, they learned delicious and healthy chicken recipes personally prepared and demonstrated by popular TV celebrity gourmet chef, Bruce Lim. Lucky guests went away with special prizes for participating in the games and raffle. A wellness talk given by respected nutritionist Joan Sumpio was one of the highlights of the day’s program, which stresses the importance of chicken meat, nutrition and finding the right product in the market. A ‘Best Blog Post’ Contest was also launched."

I never knew much about Bounty Fresh and its yummy choices until I cleared my once-overflowing plate of their own version and mix of chicken pandan, chicken nuggets, and chili wings.

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