Wednesday, November 24, 2010


One of the perks of working for a magazine, a lifestyle magazine at that, is getting to have first-hand info and yeah, latest scoops on everything under the sun. Each time we get to have a photoshoot, I always find myself standing near the makeup artist; observing each stroke of the brush and how colors or unimaginable combination meld into one awesomely beautiful piece of art.

Stupid and non-stupid (:p) questions spurt outta my mouth whenever I get near our guest makeup artist. And it always amazes me that I leave the shoot venue with a handful of tips for me to bring home. One such tip is if you got lotsa lipsticks and you've got lotsa clients to do makeup on, MAC's Owen Sarmiento let me on in a secret. He showed me his trolley and there I saw, palettes and palettes of lipsticks housing various shades of MACs...and then the secret spilled:

"I just emptied and thoroughly washed water color palettes then turned it into lipstick palettes. Cheap yet functional," Owen said.

Woohoo! So months after the revelation, I immediately headed out to my fave bookstore and bought a clear, plastic water color palette; emptied and thoroughly washed it like Owen instructed and scooped some from the tubes and into their new home! :p

Here's my own:

Kayoooot right? :p

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