Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank You Day 1!

(this one's my desktop wallpaper which I customized. Got the image from google images)

Since I won't be around ze office this morning to present the editorial department's share of God's wisdom due to dysmenorrhea, might as well write a bit about our topic in this blog.

I chose Gratitude because it simply feels so crisp, light, refreshing, and positive. Since I believe I was born a whiner, I think it won't hurt to say 'thank you' every so often to balance, or shall I say, to rid me off the negative disposition I have as a whiner.

Today, I shall start my THANK YOU DAY 1 :D (yes, that smiley is necessary to let you know how serious I am with this thing :p ...and another smiley)

I am thankful of my dysmenorrhea I am having today. Weird. But despite the pain, the cramps, and the LBM (oops, tmi :p) it brings I still find it relieving that it's the exact same thing that reminds and at the same time assures me that hey! I am still fully functional and I can still bear a child.

So there, thank you heaps Papa God for the pain of a reminder :)

Hellew! Hellew! Today, what are you thankful for?

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