Monday, November 1, 2010

SPAdventures: Quan Spa puts the AHHH in Spa

There’s something relaxing and unequivocally exciting about the simple utterance of the word “spa.” Down south, the tranquil vibe that the word exudes is simply translated into a place called Quan Spa. Somewhere in Marriott Hotel Manila rests this unassuming minimalist of a relaxation haven where southerners and northerners alike surrender themselves for an hour or two.

What’s in a name?

Quan Spa lives up to its name, being a Chinese character quan meaning “a source of pure water”, as guests are warmly welcomed by a curtain of flowing water and the feeling of being along a crisp, fresh stream. Symbolically, the spa’s name is that of water and is often associated with good luck. Also, quan is a Chinese character synonym which denotes completeness or sufficiency.

(photo courtesy of Marriott Hotel Manila: uan Spa)

But don’t get too awed with the name just yet. Wait until you’ve tried Quan Spa’s therapies, wraps, facials, and massages.

The gift of the flowing water

There’s no denying the fact that this spa, which has made its debut in 2004 at the Sanya Marriott Resort and Spa in China, is very much inspired by none other than water. Friendly yet attentive certified therapists greet guests with beaming smiles that makes one feel as if they have long been part of each others’ lives. And this feeling will hold through even after the treatment has been done because the instant guests arrive at the lounge, they are asked to answer questionnaires regarding the status of their health and their personal preferences. This way, said Health Club and Spa Manager Almira Mondonedo,the guests are assured of a smooth-sailing spa relaxation, sans the burden of discomfort.

Proudly Pinoy

Although most spas abound offer various treatments and massages inspired by the different cultures of different countries, Quan Spa, albeit its Chinese origins, endorses and offers 100 per cent Pinoy-inspired treatments such as Hilot, Dagdagay foot spa, Banana Leaf Wrap, Papaya Scrub.

“What we are really promoting are Filipino treatments and Pinoy products,” stressed Mondonedo.

Wading in my own water

Quan Spa boasts of their treatments that have been backed up by empirical proofs, as witnessed by generations upon generations of patrons. Techniques for body scrubbing, body wrapping, massaging, bathing and steaming have been handed down in all cultures across the world and these time-proven remedies are the source of inspiration for their treatments.

Given these, I must say that my first Quan Spa experience was like being caressed by and wading in my own water. Personalized spa treatment was what I have observed and felt in my quick sojourn to this place.

Interesting tidbit I found out was that Quan Spa bases their guest’s kind of massage oil and suggests services that are more apt for the day, afternoon, or night. This way, says Mondonedo, guests do not feel sleepy when they should be awake and otherwise.

The spa’s treatment menu is about “reality management,” said Mondonedo, as they target specific concerns such as stress-management, detoxification, age management and much more. While all treatments have specific objectives, Quan Spa delivers them in an environment of luxury and relaxation.

Guests leave Quan feeling that they have had a positive change in either the way they look, the way they feel or the way they respond to everyday situations. Quan treatments support the quest that all people have, which is to feel alive and vital and to present their very best self to the world.

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